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The only concert band in Fermanagh, and one of the very few in Ireland, Fermanagh Concert Band has been a vibrant presence on the Enniskillen scene for over a quarter of a century. It's a fully independent, self-supporting group of wind and brass players. The band's unaffiliated status gives it an openness to all potential members, promotors, venues and ideas.

Members of the band are all amateur musicians, drawn mostly from the local area as the band's name implies. However, over the years players have joined from as far afield as Latvia, Poland, Germany, Canada, Finland (and even Omagh!). That's one of the great things about music - it knows no boundaries and speaks a common language. All potential new members are always welcome, no matter who they are, what their age, or what instrument they play. Like all such groups, Fermanagh Concert Band is constantly on the lookout for new players so if you are interested in joining, or even in just finding out more, please do contact us via this site. ​

The band received a massive boost some years ago when two of today's most distinguished professional musicians agreed to become its patrons. Representing the wind players is Sir James Galway, whilst for the brass players the figurehead is John Wallace. Fermanagh Concert Band is extremely proud to have the backing of these two eminent musicians, whose support for the band's activities and ambitions is a tremendously important encouragement.​